Healthy Recipes

Salmon Teriyaki With Pineapple (Serves 2)

I thought I would share a healthy, great tasting and easy to make recipe for Salmon Teriyaki
2 x 4 oz. Salmon Fillet
2 x… more »

Fat Loss

What you REALLY need to know about popular diets and fat loss (Part 1)

I have always said you could equate a person’s failed attempts at losing weight and transforming their bodies with the size of their… more »

Healthy Recipes Healthy Halibut

Healthy Recipe for Broiled Halibut

Here is one of my favorite ways to prepare halibut.
Broiled Halibut
(Serves 2)
2 x 4oz Halibut Fillets
12 Oz Low fat yogurt
1/4 x cup… more »

Supplements Supplements; Are they REALLY working?

What you should know about supplements

I am reminded of one time that I was in a gym and I saw a young man (in his early 20’s) taking… more »

Fat Loss eat less exericse more

Tricks (not treats) that help you eat less

As I reflected upon what really makes the difference in changing your body, I was taken to the almighty nutrition card. In… more »

Faith GOD-spotme_web_

Our Quest for Fitness Often Parallels Our Walk of Faith

The Bible is the inspired word of God. That inspired word of God tells us that Faith without Works is dead. The same… more »

Cardiovascular Training treadmill running

Which Cardiovascular Intensity is Best for Fat Loss

I am launching a series on fat loss myths and  truths, this month we will look at cardiovascular training intensity and how it… more »

Muscle Gain The key to unlocking muscle gain and fat loss

The key to unlock Muscle Gain

What is one of the greatest naturally occurring muscle building or anabolic agents made in your body?  If you are quick to answer… more »

Healthy Recipes chicken caesar wraps

Healthy Chicken Caesar Wraps Recipe

Chicken Caesar Wraps
(Serves 2)
2 x cup Caesar Salad Mix
2 x 4 oz. Chicken Breasts Cooked
1 x cup Shredded Parmesan Cheese
1 x cup Sliced… more »

Fat Loss fitness tips two

15 Tips for Living a Healthy and Fit Lifestyle

Here are 15 Tips to Jumpstart you to  Healthy and Fit Lifestyle:
1.            Throw out your big dinner plates. Using small plates at home… more »