Ten Commandments of Fat Loss

Below is my list of the ten commandments of fat loss. No, I did not come down from the mount carrying these tablets to reveal these to you, but they are tried, true and proven techniques to spark your metabolic furnace and keep your body in a “fat burning” mode instead of a fat storing mode.

1.  Increase Your Water Intake:  Water is the metabolic medium by which ALL functions in the body occur (including fat loss.)  In addition to aiding in teh use of fat stores for energy, water also helps rejuvenate skin and helps with elasticity.

2.  Include Resistancd Training:  In addition to adding lean muscle, resistance training depletes a degree of muscle energy stores, which encourages fatty acids to be used for energy to resynthesize muscle energy stores post workout.

3.  Varying levels of intensity for Cardio:  Same ol’, Same ol’ doesnt work when it comes to cardio.  By rotating intensity and duration between:  low intensity / long duration, high intensity / short duration, and intervals (high intensity bursts followed by low intensity recovery,) your body will be encouraged to continually use fat for energy.

4.  Include one day a week of fasting:  Structured fasting (be it 12, 18, or 24 hours) has been shown to encourage the body to give off bodyfat for energy.

5.  Focus on BIG Muscles and Compound Movements:  Big muscle groups (ie., legs, chest, back) have more energy stores than smaller muscle groups (calves, abs, biceps and triceps,) the bigger the muscle group, the greater number of energy stores depleted.  Using compound movements (movements that occur at more than one joint,) will not only deplete more overall energy stores, but will add more overall muscle and will definitely add to overall bone density.

6.  Choose Complex Carbohydrates over Simple Carbohydrates:  Complex carbohydrates caruse a more gradual rise in blood sugar thus causing a slower release of insulin from the pancreas.  Simple carbs will cause big spikes in blood sugar and will encourage insulin to store those calories in fat stores.

7.  Include one cheat meal a week: After 7 days of following your workouts and sound eating program, treat yourself to one meal (which lasts no longer than one hour in duration) of your guiltiest food vices (ie., belgian waffles, chicken wings, ice cream…you name it, but remember only one hour max in duration.)

8.  Use a less and more mentality:  Structured fasting one day a week ad eating 5-6 small meals all the other days.

9.  Dont overdo it:  The quest for a new body is more akin to a marathon than a sprint.  A small step forward, added to another one, added to another leads to holistic lifestyle changes

10.  Keep the Faith and Ask for God’s help:  While it is true that God will not just change your body and drop 50 pounds off your frame instantly (God is not a Genie in the bottle,) but if you take it to the Lord in prayer, he will give you the strength to see it through.

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  1. Gym Rat Brenton

    Oct 03. 2013

    This site truly has all the information I needed concerning this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    Wish you success – Brenton

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    • Scott

      Oct 09. 2013

      thank you for your kind remarks. Please keep checking back for new information all the time as the blog is updated daily

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