What you should know about supplements

I am reminded of one time that I was in a gym and I saw a young man (in his early 20’s) taking what appeared to be approximately 20 pills or more (it kinda reminded me of my grandmother, God rest her soul.) The pills were t all in large colorful containers with smartly colored labels. When I asked him what he was doing, he told me he was taking his supplements.

When you consider your personal fitness level, it should include; a sound nutritional program, resistance training, cardiovascular training, flexibility and last but not least proper supplementation. Supplements are not the magic bullet that the large companies would have you believe but rather act as an add-on to “supplement anything that you may be lacking in your normal food intake. However, many people treat supplements as a precursor to weight loss and write off nutrition and exercise as expendable activities.

Are you one of these habitual supplement abusers? Do you fall prey to the unscrupulous marketing of the multi-million dollar supplement companies? If that sounds like you – This article is for you!

There are new diet pills and gimmicks hot off the press every month, just waiting for their next desperate dieter wishing for that next “breakthrough” product. Don’t be a victim. The confusion from the diet and weight loss industries mixed with a dose of media muddle would have you believe that supplements are indeed needed for weight loss, and it’s your fault if these “worthwhile” products don’t work for you. Many of these hocus-pocus-like solutions tout their pills, powders, potions, magical elixirs and gadgetry as a no-effort and no-exercise-required approach to fitness (as if the fat is going to just melt off.)

Let me make this point abundantly clear; fat does not melt off your body; it must be used to produce energy, or it will remain exactly as is. If you check the small print in the ads located in your latest issue of Muscle and Fiction, even the manufacturers themselves stress that their products should be used along with proper nutrition and exercise. Truth be told, I have trained many fitness models and many do not even use the products they model for, but rather use illicit and illegal forms of steroids, thyroid medication and in some instances even asthma medication (only approved for horses in this country.)

Yes, there are a few helpful supplements out there. But again, they are not “needed”. Even the useful supplements can be used as a crutch, delaying the onset of proper nutrition and exercise. What you eat and how much physical activity you get will make up 95% or more of the results you achieve. So why then would a person try to maximize the 5% when you can get the most effect from just working out and eating right? In the event that you do include supplements in your diet, be sure they are legitimate and proven products with research to support their claims.

A supplement or product is too good to be true if it says the product will:

1. Causes fat loss of more than two lbs. a week without dieting or exercise
2. Causes substantial weight loss no matter what or how much the consumer eats
3. Cause permanent weight loss (even when the consumer stops using product)
4. Blocks the absorption of fat or calories to enable consumers to lose substantial weight
5. Causes substantial weight loss by wearing it on the body or rubbing it into the skin

If you get just one thing out of this article I would really be pleased if you realize that you don’t need any supplements, hocus pocus, creams, potions or elixirs to be successful with weight loss. You are empowered by and a child of the most high God and you have not only the capability, but the strength to not only transform your body but also your life, and all without any gimmicks.

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  1. Tim Ferris

    Oct 11. 2013

    Fit for Faith Ministries is truly a Godsend to me and to anyone that that pulls up this site. I have been struggling with my weight and addictions for years, but now I have somewhere to turn to help me navigate through the diet and weight loss waters. Thank you Fit for Faith for giving me something to hold on to and moreso someone to turn to.

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