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Benefits of Weight Training for Pre / Post Menopausal Women

 With the onset or conclusion of menopause, women will experience changes in their body shape, size and overall energy level.  Women may not… more »

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The Importance of Stretching – Fit for Faith Christian Ministry

Achieving a holistic state of fitness and wellness includes proper stretching and flexibility. It does not do any good for you to be… more »

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Benefits of Resistance Training

Benefits of Resistance Training
I have been asked numerous times about resistance training and if it is vital to total body transformation and becoming… more »

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Should You Take Creatine? Learn the Facts About Creatine.

I am constantly being asked by people if they should supplement. One of the first supplements that they bring up is creatine. Creatine… more »

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How Not Eating Can Make You Gain Fat

No, that title is not a typo, not eating can actually make you gain fat. Let me explain:
One of the things that makes… more »

Nutrition Superfoods

8 Superfoods You Should Be Eating

What are they and what makes them so super?
Something of a buzzword these days, superfoods are loaded with nutritional value beyond that of… more »

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3 Foods that Increase Fat Burning

3 Foods that Increase Fat Burning
Are there really foods that burn fat? This seems too good to be true, causing people to think… more »

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Fall Favorite Nutrition Facts

WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SNEAKY FALL FAVORITES!! So here are some Fall Favorite Facts to enable you to make well-informed decisions about your… more »

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Happy Halloween, is it Trick or Cheat Time?

It only seems appropriate that at this time of year I have a little discussion on cheating. The temptation is literally at the… more »

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Are You A Junk Food Junkie? These 5 Steps Will Help You Go Cold Turkey

Are you afraid of what is coming up in the next few days? No, I am not saying you should fear ghosts, goblins,… more »