When Choosing Your Foods — Use K.I.S.S. for Greater Fat Loss

There is a business saying; “Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS.) This is no truer than when it comes to your nutrition and how it relates to fat burning. Your body is like an exquisitely made sports performance car. You need to fuel it with high grade fuel. Your body will run at its optimum level and yield peak performance when it is fueled with hi-test gasoline (Whole Natural Foods.) Much the same way your car won’t run smoothly and efficiently with low grade gasoline, the body will not run efficiently on processed foods; i.e. Muffins, donuts, sugary cereals, and white flour (in all of its forms; cookies, crackers, white bread, chips, etc.)

Turn the clock back to the eating of our forefathers; fruits, vegetables, nuts, complete proteins, and healthy fats. You can get your protein from lean cuts of red meat, fish, poultry and nuts. Protein is crucial. Protein is comprised of amino acids which act as the building blocks that your body requires to repair itself.

Healthy fats which were vilified throughout the past two decades is an important part of the equation. Healthy fats did not cause the obesity epidemic that America is now facing….sugar laden simple carbohydrates did.
Keep natural, unprocessed food as the centerpiece of your nutritional program and you will see an amazing transformation in your body, not to mention you will become more alert, have more energy and won’t be as sickly. These are normally the foods you will find in the perimeter of your grocery store. Stay on the perimeter 90% of the time, and you will have gone a long way in changing the eating habits of you and your family.

Nutrition is 95% of the battle in fat loss and building a body that honors God. Remember Garbage In equals Garbage Out.
Now go and fill that amazing machine of yours with the highest grade fuel there is; Whole Natural Foods.

In Christ and Fitness

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