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Squats Do a Body Good

Squats Do a Body Good

Resistance training is a crucial component of a fat loss workout.  If total body transformation is your goal, you would be remiss if you shunned resistance training in your exercise program.  In order to reach your best body and experience the best fat loss workout possible, it must include resistance training.

By its very nature, resistance training is anaerobic in nature.  It is primarily fueled by glycogen (the body’s stored form of carbohydrates,) during the activity; however, the real benefit of resistance training in a fat loss workout occurs AFTER the workout itself.  Let me explain:

While its true that all 3 energy systems are constantly working in different ratios / proportions during the activity (based upon the intensity and the duration,) and while its also true that the body’s preferred source of energy for high intensity acitivities is sugar, it is also true that during recovery at low intensities, the body’s preferred fuel for energy is fat.

In addition to fueling the body’s normal functions at low intensity, fat is called upon even more AFTER a resistance training workout.  The body depletes plenty of ATP (the body’s currency of energy) during a workout. Those energy stores need to be resynthesized post workout and producing that energy takes energy. Muscle glycogen stores need to be resynthesized post workout and that takes energy to perform. The heart is also a muscle and its energy stores need refilled and that also takes energy, and that energy comes from fat.

So, as you can see, the body’s functions all need to “reset” the body to prepare itself for another bout of exercise or an emergency (known as the fight or flight response.)

A good fat loss workout would include:

  1.  Exercises that focus on Big Muscle Groups
  2.  Exercises that are compound movements (which means movement occurs at more than one joint)
  3.  Exercises are performed with a weight that causes failure or near failure in the 8-12 repetition range.

Here is an example of exercise selection for a sound fat loss workout

Deadlift                                     3 Sets                   8-12 Repetitions

Flat Barbell Bench Press       3 Sets                   8-12 Repetitions

Dumbbell Squats                    3 Sets                   8-12 Repetitions

Shoulder Press (Dbells)        3 Sets                   8-12 Repetitions

Pullups / Lat Pulldowns       3 Sets                   8-12 Repetitions


The above sample fat loss workout is one that targets big muscle groups of the entire body, using compound, multi-joint movements.

This workout could be performed in approx.. 30 minutes after a 10 minute warm-up was performed. A 10 minute cool down should follow any resistance training workout.

Best of luck with your continued Fat Loss and Body Transformation Success.

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