Pride Goeth Before the Fall, Both In and Out of the Gym

Pride Goeth Before the Fall, Both In and Out of the Gym

I cannot count just how many times I see men lifting a weight that is far too heavy in an attempt just to reach a number? Their movement is so distorted, that you would think a bench press is now a leg exercise. These men have lost their focus. They have lost the REAL reason that they are in the gym; their form is horrendous and because the focus is not where it should be, the result is an utter lack of progress or worse yet injury. We have all seen these people in the gym; the guy who moves an incredible amount of weight, yet whose body never changes.  The Bible tells us that “Pride goeth before the fall.”  Worrying more about the amount of weight you are moving and not focusing on the “why” is definitely prideful and will lead to your personal fall (most likely an injury.)  This is the problem with vanity, self-serving idolatry and the pride of those driven by ego. In CS Lewis’ Book “Mere Christianity,” he goes on to call Pride one of the worst sins. Pride doesn’t allow us to recognize anything being superior to ourselves – even our Creator.


These prideful men are the ones that are constantly looking in the mirror (not to gauge their form mind you, but rather to see what everyone else is lifting.)  The Bible compares the Christian walk with running a race. The Bible says we are to run “Our Race” well, it doesn’t say we are to ensure we run faster than our neighbor. Run the race well! We all have individually unique God-given gifts and talents which we must not squander by wasting time comparing them to others. We are not guaranteed any specific amount of time on this earth. Only the Father knows when Jesus is coming back for us. The signs spelled out in the book of Revelation are all around us. It’s time to set aside the vain comparisons and focus on what we can do, individually. Be it in the gym or in our daily walk with Jesus.  We can do nothing in or of ourselves. We cannot save ourselves; our focus must be Jesus not our own pride as we press on towards the goal. We must stay focused on the REAL reason we have decided to change our bodies…to practice better stewardship and to honor God.




Men are not the only ones that this applies to.  How about the women who slave over cardio equipment being scantily attired?  Have these women lost their focus? Are they truly concerned with being a better steward of the body God has given them, or are they just waiting to be sexually desired by the men in the gym?

My feelings are that a woman that is flaunting her body in the gym, just waiting to be noticed, has lost her focus. She has tied her self-worth to her body or worse yet, to what the men of the gym think of her body. She has lost her focus of the “why” she is in the gym in the first place. Many times, she has forgotten that before God laid the foundations of the Earth, he formed her in her mother’s womb, that she is perfectly made, that God approves of her and she doesn’t need to dress in a provocative manner to gain approval of others.

This brings to light a few questions. When it comes to our commitment to change and where our focus lays, the questions lead back to, “Why are we working out and does our quest for a more fit body fulfill an ego-driven goal, driven by pride and vanity?”  The correct answer for these questions should be our love of Jesus. He is the person in whom we ought to place our love, trust and focus.  When our eyes are focused and we are looking neither to the left nor to the right, but our gaze is fixed upon Him, we will not only be able to run “our race” well, but we will fight the good fight or faith and persevere to the end. When we do that, and walk down to the river of death and its cool waters dampen our feet we will hear God tell us, “Well done… my good and faithful servant,” and that will make ALL the Difference.

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