How to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

calendar days marked off2013 is ¾’s over, and I am sure that over half (if not more) of fitness resolution seekers from January 1st have dropped their fitness goals  and goals for a healthier way of life. Why is it that even the best intentioned resolutions often end up as fantasies of the past? It’s because you’re lying to yourself.




liesYep, lies, lies, lies. What are these lies? Let’s look at them. I’m willing to bet you set out January 1st towards your fitness resolution and goals with the best intentions. However, as days passed your enthusiasm for that goal waned. You may have thought your fitness goal is just not that important – you don’t need it. Setting a fitness goal is one thing, following through with the necessary action and effort to see that goal come to fruition is another. If you have a doubt about whether or not you even care about your goal, you’re pretty well sunk.


Solution:  write your goal down and review it daily – morning and night. Take a picture of yourself and put it on the wall, constantly remind yourself how important your fitness goals are to you, and what they will mean when you’re finally there. Project yourself into the future how others will react toward you, how you will act, how you will feel. Never let your enthusiasm toward that goal dissipate – constantly refuel your passion toward that outcome you desire. What the mind can conceive the body can achieve.   The Bible says that where there is no vision the people perish. Help yourself with that vision by looking at your fitness goals daily.

liesAnother lie you may tell yourself is that your goal is not even possible. Perhaps you don’t have the “right genetics”, you’re much too “busy”, or you don’t know what to do. You start to rationalize in your mind as to why it can’t happen for you. Finding any possible excuse to justify this decision in your own mind.



Solution: often times this lie is just a way of getting out of the work to achieve your goal. It all comes back to is that goal important to you. If I had a goal of having the longest hair in the world, I don’t think I would achieve that goal. Why? Because that goal is meaningless to me. You need to find a goal that excites you to no end; you jump out of bed in the morning to go after it.


liesThe third lie that you may tell yourself is that you have all year to accomplish your fitness goal. So why don’t you just wait a few months while you get ‘settled’ in and figure things out. This is simply a tactic to procrastinate. You say, “I’ll start tomorrow”, yet it’s always today you say that.




Solution:  Start now. Yes, that means today. Even if it’s the afternoon and you had a dozen donuts for breakfast.   With every action you take just ask yourself, will this action help me achieve my fitness goal. If it’s a no, then say no to that action. Make every action congruent with your goals, that’s the price you must pay to feel the thrill of victory when you make it. Your resolution or goal must not be a wish or fantasy or a maybe, something that would be nice if it happens. It has to be a must!


action plan2

Here’s what you should do. Decide what you want and why you want it. Determine what it will take to achieve it and how long it will take. Document your fitness goal and spread the word to family and friends to keep you accountable. And finally do what it will take to achieve it. Never stopping, relentless effort toward that goal. The only variable left is the time you need to invest every day into achieving that goal. Now get going, there is still time left.

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