Building a Bigger Chest is Only 30 Days Away.

incilne30 Days to Building a Bigger Chest

Are you geting frustrated in your quest to build a bigger, better chest? Well, try moving your incline movements (as it pertains to chest) to the front of your chest routine: Incline Barbell, Incline dumbbell and incline flys or any incline machines. This will enable you to hit the upper third of your chest while you are fresh, thus being able to move more weight and stimulating more growth. The upper third of the pectoralis major seems to be a little more resistanct to growth and your body is at a biomechanical disadvantage in an inclined position.

Ask yourself, “how many times have you seen a guy or female with an overdeveloped upper third of the chest and a flat or deflated bottom two thirds? Not too many times. However, it is very commonplace to see a flat upper third of the chest with a bulbous bottom two thirds. This occurs for two reasons: the first being, years of pushups and runnning like a mad man to the flat bench to show off how much you can bench, and the second reason is that the decline bench (personally, I dont ever use this ego boosting bench).
Most people are looking for the path of least resistance. They want to be able to say they move alot of weight and those numbers will invariably come from the exercises that give you the best biomechanical advantage (ie. flat benching and decline benching.)

Take the next 30 days and move your incline movements to the forefront of your chest routine and increase the volume of incline movements to flat / decline movements and you will see your chest development really take off. This idea coupled with proper nutrition, rest and using proper weights and rep scheme and you should be well on your way to building a bigger, better chest.

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