3 Foods that Increase Fat Burning

3 Foods that Increase Fat Burning

Are there really foods that burn fat? This seems too good to be true, causing people to think that this is one of the many fake weight loss tips and tricks. Actually, scientific research has proven that these foods, that burn fat, really exist and these fat loss secrets and fat loss foods are listed below.


beans2Who would have thought that beans are effective fat loss and fat burning foods? Beans are so common and are loaded with nutrients – a fact that most people do not know. They contain a healthy mix of fiber, proteins, and carbohydrates. Fiber is a substance that keeps the digestive system on track. It acts like a digestive scrub, removing toxins from the system. Fiber also keeps the blood sugar in check, preventing it from shooting to high levels after every meal.  Protein is essential when working out because it enables the repair of torn muscles. Carbohydrates, on the other hand, provide energy, allowing you to last through the day. Beans take some time before becoming fully digested, so you feel full longer. Beans are an example of food to lose belly fat and it is best to stick to the plain variety. Beans baked with lots of sugar or the refried ones will make weight loss more difficult by adding unnecessary calories and carbohydrates.

Skim Milk

It is not unknown to many that calcium makes the bones strong but do you know that calcium puts the body in a ‘fast fat burning’ mode? This nutrient, common in vegetables and dairy products, makes the metabolism active and in turn hastens weight loss.

skim  milk3Calories from skim milk are quite lower compared to its full cream counterparts, making it an example of food to lose body fat. Broccoli is another food that promotes belly fat loss because of its high-calcium content.

The said property of calcium was studied by comparing the weights of two groups of test subjects. They were made to do the same activities except that one group had several servings of skim milk every day. During their next weigh in, the group who had milk lost three times as much weight compared to the group who did not receive calcium from skim milk.



Green Tea

green tea5There has been green tea hype a few years ago; people have been buying anything that has green tea in it and the products ranged from green tea ice cream to green tea facial wash. This fad is primarily because of the antioxidant properties of the tea that fights cancerous free radicals. Another interesting fact about green tea is that it provides weight loss help by increasing the metabolism.
Green tea contains just the right amount of caffeine to stimulate you without causing heart palpitations. It is also good to drink green tea whenever you feel bloated because of it has mild diuretic properties, eliminating retained fluids from the body.

And Last but certainly not least; Water (the forgotten nutrient)

water2Water does not contain nutrients per se, but drinking water is one of the best ways on how to lose fats. Drinking a glass of water before having fat-burning meals makes you full instantly, reducing the amount of food that you will eat. It dilutes sodium to beat bloating and keeps the metabolism running at maximum efficiency.

Our kidneys filter the blood to eliminate toxins and waste substances from the body but when the body does not receive enough hydration, the kidneys call on the liver for back-up. While the liver can also perform filtration functions, it is really designed for fat metabolism. Hence, when the liver filters the blood, its ability to burn fat slows down.

You can bring your metabolism back up to speed by including lots of water in your fat-burning diet.

Indeed, beans, skim milk, green tea, and lots of water are the best foods to eat to lose weight. A healthy weight loss plan is comprised of eating a balanced diet and body fat burning exercises, to include; resistance training, cardiovascular training and plyometric training.

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