Adidas Product Review and Special

I just wanted to pass along this product review and some specials from Adidas. I am constantly in my Adidas Warm Up and Dri-Fit Gear. I was never really a fan of Adidas, but they have really changed their product. Well just follow the links and find out what Adidas has to offer.

adidas springblade4adidas has an incredible amount of new product right now, including the supercharged adidas SpringBlade Electricity! Take a second to look at these shoes up close and get a pair for your favorite person or maybe that boyfriend/husband you have been trying to get on the treadmill! You can even get them a new tracksuit to wear with their spiffy shoes, check them out here: adidas Tracksuits and Jackets up to 20% Off through 11/14. And the kicker in all of this is adidas has free shipping and returns right now so all of your purchases can be traded in if the fit isn’t perfect!


God Bless and Keep Warm this Fall. Fall is a beautiful time of year to take in and witness all of God’s handiwork; the vibrant colors of the leaves, the crisp air, the harvest of farmer’s fields. Do yourself a favor, take in some of God’s miraculous creations; go for a run outside, go to an apple orchard, go play football Thanksgiving Morning. Most of all honor God through your actions and your deeds.

Remember Fit for Faith Ministries is there for you every step of the way during your journey down the path to body transformation and becoming a better steward of the body God has given you. We are here to educate, motivate and inspire you to become all that God has in store for you. Fit for Faith has set a goal of us collectively offering up one million pounds of unwanted and unhealthy fat as a sacrifice to God.

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