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steroid12Sometimes in our quest for a body that we have always desired and a body that truly honors God our judgement gets clouded. Sometimes we allow our goals to have us cross over a line that we can never go back across. What I am talking about is the use of anabolic steroids. I speak from experience as I succumbed to the dark side of fat loss, weight loss and body transformation back from 2009 – 2011. I am not proud of what I had done, but in order for you to truly understand just how far God has delivered me, I need to be totally transparent.

There are many ill side effects from the use of anabolic steroids but none so egregious as how it dishonors God. Using steroids is not being a good steward of the body that God has entrusted to you. Does God Want Us to Workout? Yes, but only if it doesnt inhibit our testimony and brings glory to him. Using steroids definitely does not accomplish that.

steroid11So, the topic for the article today; “How to Gain Muscle Naturally and Without the Use of Steroids.”  Is it possible to gain muscle without steroids?  The answer is unequivocally, yes. Please read the following article and keep on the right side of the battle of good vs evil.

Wondering how to gain muscle? There are many fads, gimmicks and “quick fixes” to be found, but there is really only one healthy way to gain muscle mass. You don’t need to be gifted with great genetics or use potentially dangerous illegal hormones or steroids.

The “how to gain muscle” question has a relatively simple two-step process:

1) increase your caloric intake, and

2) workout. This combination will provide the desired results.

Don’t be embarrassed to look in the mirror! You CAN have the body that you strive to achieve. When you first begin thinking about how to gain muscle, the first instinct may be “But I don’t want to gain fat”. Losing fat and gaining muscle mass are two different objectives, and are tackled in two different ways. At this point you have to realize that dieting and exercising to lose weight is different than dieting and exercising to gain muscle.

In gaining muscle mass, the caloric intake must be increased. You have to take in more calories that your body is used to: take in more proteins and fats-your body has no choice but to gain weight. While nutritional supplements may be utilized, this should NOT be used as a substitute for a healthy diet. The increased calories are then offset by working out with weights in order to achieve the increased muscle mass you desire. This workout will stimulate growth by “overloading” the muscles. The combination of caloric building blocks (which help rebuild and repair muscle tissue) along with the increase workout.

If you are among the millions who constantly try to gain weight and build muscle mass, remember that a firm commitment, the proper diet, and a good weight-training regimen are the best ways to succeed in reaching your goal. A muscle mass building diet includes plenty of protein and enough calories to promote weight gain.

A good place to start is to multiply your current weight by 18. This number will give you a rough idea of how many calories your body needs in a day to bulk up. If you are extremely active, play sports, or have a faster than average metabolism, you may need to increase your caloric intake even more. A muscle building diet requires a lot of effort on your part. It’s not easy to consume enough calories in three meals per day. A good suggestion would be to eat several small meals each day rather than three large ones.

Protein is a critical element in any mass building diet. Ideally, you should eat one and a half grams of protein per pound of body weight. While this seems like a lot of protein, spread over several small meals each day it will be a lot easier to meet this goal. Fish, poultry, eggs, and lean red meat are excellent sources of protein. Lots of fresh vegetables and simple carbohydrates combined with plenty of protein should allow you to meet your calorie quota each day. The best muscle building diet is a combination of consuming adequate calories and the proper types of foods.

Fit for Faith Ministries is here for you every step of the way in your fat loss, weight loss, and body transformation journey. Fit for Faith Ministries is here to educate, motivate and inspire , but most of all to empower you to become a better steward of the body that God has entrusted to you.

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