3 Ways to Boost HGH Levels Naturally

We all know that Growth Hormone has a TON  of benefits…it helps you build muscle, burn fat,  increase bone density (very important as we age),  and it’s your body’s signal to increase IGF-1  production, which is a HUGE driver of lean  muscle mass development.  The key is how can we boost HGH Levels Naturally and without the use of synthetic drugs.

Obviously it’s something we want to create as  much of as we can.

build more muscle3The problem is that as we age our HGH production  decreases dramatically – which is why it gets  harder and harder to get and keep muscle and burn  fat.

It’s also a major determinant in how fast we “age”… the lower the HGH levels, the faster you get “old”. (ever seen the really old dudes that are ripped? They have high levels of HGH…be it natural or  injected, either way, that’s why they look like that.)

3 Ways to Boost HGH levels naturally

The good news is you can do it with some simple manipulations of your workout loads, tempos, and  rest periods, and here are 3 ways to boost  HGH levels naturally with your workout tomorrow.

1. Use Shorter Rest Periods

If you’re one of those guys who takes a 3-5 minute  break between sets, you’re not doing yourself any front squat4favors in the hormone department.

Research shows that shorter rest intervals triggers a  higher hormonal response, so consider keeping your  rest between sets to 60 second or less.

You can also incorporate giant sets with no rest  between sets, then take a full 3-4 minute rest at  the of the giant set to let your system fully recover  before doing it again.

The no-rest between each exercise will create a  big lactic acid buildup that triggers a big Growth  Hormone response.

2. Use Higher Volume

The longer your muscles are under tension, the higher  hormonal response. Using higher volume sets with  heavy resistance really cranks up the GH output.

But how do you do high volume with heavy loads?

Pick a weight around 75% of your 1RM and perform  6-8 reps, then drop the weight by 30% and do another  15-20 reps.

The first part of the lift triggers the response to heavy  loads, and the second half adds in the volume.

3. Lift Large Muscle Groups First

Bigger muscles create a bigger hormonal response.

steroid10When lifting for hormone output, start with your legs,  back, and chest as they are your largest muscle groups.  Work them and work them HARD! A few times a  month train to absolute failure (make sure you’ve got  a spotter) as that threshold is where you’re recruiting  the most muscle fibers and you create the biggest  hormonal response to training.  Just make sure to get plenty of rest and nutrition  post workout to recover.

These are 3 simple tips you can start using in your  workout tomorrow to boost your HGH levels naturally.

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