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How to STOP Binge Eating

You may have heard the old wives tale about eating after 8pm: Don’t do it, they say, because the food you eat will… more »

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The Key to a Flat Stomach and SIx Pack Abs

With this article, I want to show you why you might be struggling to lose that stubborn stomach fat that is covering up… more »

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50 Muscle Building Tips

Muscle Building Tip #1 – Evaluate Your Body
By evaluating your current body composition, body weight and body measurements, you give yourself a starting… more »

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5 Steps to Healthy Cooking

Are the dinners that you cook healthy? Think so, but not sure? If your weight loss has slowed, or even stopped, then there… more »

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New Weight Loss 6 pack ebook Video Trailer | Absession

Armed with over 20 years in the fitness industry and as a body transformation expert, Scott Hayward brings us; “Absession…America’s Guide to Ultimate… more »

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7 Tips for Greater Fat Loss

Okay, the holidays are upon us, but lets start thinking about our New Year’s Resolutions.  The great thing is you don’t have to… more »

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25 Tips to Fight the Battle of the Holiday Bulge

25 Tips to avoid the Holiday Bulge
1. Start your day strong and healthy – not with garbage cereal or a sugar filled coffee… more »

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Absession is Released and Available for Christmas

Fit for Faith Ministries is happy to announce the release of Scott Hayward’s new book Absession. Absession is now available at and… more »

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5 Common Myths About 6 pack abs

Ab exercises aren’t the only thing you have to do in order to get you 6 pack abs. You also have to work… more »

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12 Weeks to 6 pack abs

In only 90 days, I’ve had clients lose well over 21 pounds simply by following a simple nutrition program and using my short,… more »