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motivationFat Loss, Weight Loss, Body Transformation and Life Transformation is as much about staying motivated as it is; the gym, your trainer, or your workout you perform. Making lifestyle changes that are for the long term and not a quick or easy fix depends upon staying motivated. The Holiday Season is easy for becoming unmotivated and complacent with where you are in your fitness journey.  Finding the motivation to get and stay fit is the first and most crucial step.


Here are some strategies that I use. Feel free to follow them and keep yourself motivated.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #1

Have your biggest Fitness dreams written on a massive white board


Your dreams and audacious goals should be written where you can consistently see them. On the white board are my big goals, my weekly goals, and motivational quotes. This helps me keep the eye on the prize, maintain focus, and ward of the distractions that make their way into my day.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #2

Focus only on TODAY


We can get lost in thinking about the future or regretting the past. What’s terrible about this is that while you’re worrying and wishing you were in a different position in life, someone else is working.


Worry does no good. If you truly want to succeed you need to learn how to focus your mind only on the present. Do what you can do in the moment, work on the project at hand, accomplish your daily goals and tasks, and you’ll do the same with your bigger, lifelong goals and dreams.




Fitness Motivation Strategy #3

Have only 3 things on your to do list that MUST BE accomplished


Don’t try and fill your day with too much. Sure, you’d like to get a lot accomplished, but there should be 3 (only 3) important tasks that NEED to be accomplished. Focus on these first. When they’re completed, and only when they’re completed, are you allowed to move on to other things.




Too many people spread themselves thin. What ends up happening is they get overwhelmed, which crushes their motivation, and nothing gets done.


If you’re focused, you’ll stay motivated, you’ll get more done, and you’ll be where you want to be a lot faster.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #4

Practice discipline


Discipline isn’t sexy, but it’s necessary. It’s in discipline that we gain freedom. We gain freedom to get more done, to improve, and to remove regret from our lives.


When you’re focused only on today, doing only what needs to be done in the now, nothing else matters. But discipline needs to be practiced every day.


I never missed a workout, because I knew that if I missed one, I’d give myself a reason to miss another.


If you practice laziness and distraction, that is what you’ll be, and you’ll be left with nothing but regret and failure. Practice being successful by doing what successful people do every day: they remain disciplined.


Remember; take it one day at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed with eternity when the present should be your only concern.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #5

Create an inspiring environment


Your environment HAS TO inspire you. Surround yourself with images that motivate you, but also in a clean, clear space. Clutter truly does clutter the mind, but it can also be depressing to be in a messy area.



Pattern your work environment as you’d love it to be. Spend a little money on a nice desk if that’s your thing, but make sure your work space inspires you and motivates you. This is where the magic happens. This is where you should be spending most of your time. So make sure it affects you positively.



Fitness Motivation Strategy #6

Have a quotes list near your desk, and your bed


“It’s not the critic who counts… ”


“Hard work and dedication”


“If it was easy then everyone would have made it”


And many other quotes I read everyday to PUMP myself up.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #7

Workout everyday


Part of staying motivated is warding off depressive thoughts. Being physically fit helps with that not only from an image and an energy aspect, but hormonally as well.


For men, being physically fit will help raise your natural levels of testosterone, which leads to diminished likelihood of depression. So get in the gym at least 4 times a week, and get outside and get active.


Increased natural testosterone levels also helps with well YOU KNOW WHAT I’M SAYING..


Fitness Motivation Strategy #8

Set mini, measurable goals


You’ll have your big goals – and make sure they’re as clear as possible – but they need to be broken into smaller goals as well. Make these goals measurable and attainable in the near future (like “to-do’s”).


Everything should be measurable so you know where you are in relation to where you want to be (EVERYTHING).


Fitness Motivation Strategy #9

Work in 90-120 minute intervals, interspersed with active breaks


Your work should be intense, purposeful, and focused. Studies have shown that we can do so for a 90-minute period, but tend to lose focus once that 90-minute period is finished.




One of the best ways to regain focus is to do something active. The endorphins release by a quick jog or set of sprints will help you not only gain energy, but regain focus.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #10

Don’t work on small projects


That is, don’t set small goals that don’t excite you. You NEED TO BE excited about what you’re trying to accomplish. If it doesn’t excite you, how are you going to be motivated?


Fitness Motivation Strategy #11

Clean once a week


Clean your house and work space once a week. Keep clutter and mess out of your life if you want to keep consistently motivated.




Fitness Motivation Strategy #12

Listen to hard core rap music 


OK, That’s what I do. I like to listen to whatever music pumps you up. Shoot I used to listen to my “ghetto music” from 4-5am until I started having 4am boot camp sessions 🙁


Fitness Motivation Strategy #13

Read voraciously


Great people read. Books are their companions. I subscribe to Get Abstract book summaries.


In all of my study of great people, be they politicians, entrepreneurs, or conquerors, knowledge was something they all craved. If you want greatness in your future, read in your present.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #14

Journal daily


Spend one week making notes about when your energy levels – and motivation levels – are at their highest. There should be patterns. Use these patterns to your advantage.


Put your most important tasks in the times when your energy levels are at their height (I do all of my writing in the wee hours of the morning, or late at night, when no one is awake to bother me, and I can focus on one thing).


A journal will also help with clarity. It’s far easier to be motivated when your mind is clear, and the road to your goal is as well.


Fitness Motivation Strategy #15

Win your mental battles


In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill consistently refers to the battles we have in our minds. The rich think a certain way, and it isn’t necessarily a greedy way, but a positive one.


The thoughts that fill your mind should only aid you in your journey, they should detract from it. Now, you may think; “How can I control all of the thoughts that come in to my head.” You may not be able to control what comes in, but you do have the power to control which ones you pay attention to.


Fill your mind with creative, positive, and ambitious thoughts. Don’t give energy to your fears and worries. They do nothing but move you further away from your goals.

These are just some of the things that I use to stay motivated not only in the gym but in life as well. Fit for Faith Ministries became a reality because of my constant use of these types of motivation. I did not open and grow a successful gym from scratch without the use of these types of motivation. I did not set a goal of writing a 130 page eBook and completing it without the use of these types of techniques.

Fit for Faith is dedicated to educating, motivating and empowering you to become all that God has made you to be.

Fit for Faith is Building a Stronger Body of Believers

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