Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

holiday weight gainThe weather outside is frightful  but the food is so delightful and since there’s no place to go; “Eat some more, eat some more, eat some more.”  No, the words haven’t changed from the old favorite Christmas song, but unfortunately this is the mindset that many people adopt during the holiday season.  This may be shocking news, but the average American will gain 7-10 pounds during the holiday season. Here are some healthy holiday eating tips to help you avoid being a part of this statistic:

  • Avoid stress eating. Many people eat to help them deal with the added stress of the holidays. When you reach for something, ask yourself if you are really hungry. If the answer is no, try to find another way to deal with your stress. (Like exercise!)
  • Vegetables don’t have to be baked in a casserole! Many people think that the perfect holiday meal includes veggies cooked with lots of butter, cheese, creamy soups and breading of some type. Instead, try your vegetables steamed and seasoned with herbs and spices. They are delicious that way! (And not nearly as fattening!)
  • Slow down! Before you reach for seconds, wait a few minutes and then ask yourself if you are really still hungry. You don’t have to eat more just because it’s a big meal!
  • Eat a salad with low-fat dressing before your meal. Then you won’t be as hungry for the higher calorie and higher fat foods.
  • Limit your alcohol intake. Alcohol is empty calories and a top reason for weight gain. Try to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink.
  • Eat before going to a party. This will keep you from overindulging on fattening foods!
  • Don’t let yourself get too hungry. The holidays mean more hectic schedules for most people. Try to eat throughout the day and keep a few healthy snacks with you to prevent binge eating.
  • Make smart choices. I honestly believe that eating well is all about making choices, not just at the holidays, but all year long. It is especially important this time of year, though. Remember that you can’t have it all – pumpkin pie OR pecan pie, eggnog OR dessert, you get the idea. The holidays are not a license to overindulge. Use some common sense, and like always – watch your portion sizes!

Don’t give in and assume that just because the holiday season is upon us that you will gain weight. It does not have to be an inevitable part of the holidays! Make smart choices and do a little planning – in January you will be glad you did!

Hopefully, these healthy holiday eating tips will inspire you to make wise nutritional choices over this holiday season. If you can adopt these healthy holiday eating tips, you will be two steps ahead of the game in January when you decide to lose weight, lose fat and achieve total body transformation.

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