Three things that prevent you from changing your body

fat loss mistakes4When I sat down this morning to send out a message I thought about all the great people that I have  had the opportunity to help gain control of their lives through fitness.  When I reflected upon this I was very happy but also at the same time very sad.  I was saddened by the thought of everyone that I have NOT had a chance to help and I started writing down the reasons that I have heard as to why they were not able to commit to themselves and change their lives and bodies.  So I took the top three that I could remember and punched holes through those arguments.  Take a look and see if any of these apply to you.


“Three Things That May Prevent You Making the Decision to Change Your Body and Change Your Life”


The first thing that prevent you from changing your body


“When am I going to make the time to exercise with a trainer?”

“How can I fit it into my schedule!”

“I don’t even have time to spend with my friends and family”


I have heard it all. Just call us the “time doctor!”  I can fix your lack of time! My prescription for you

is 2-3 hours of exercise per week!

That’s right! Adding exercise into your packed schedule will actually create more time in your life! One hour of exercise, three times a week, makes you require one hour less of sleep each day! You do the math!

You invest three hours to get back 7 hours!

Imagine if someone asked you, “I’ll trade you $7 for every $3 you give me, is that okay?” No brainer!


Most of the people I have helped  have full time jobs, kids, and some even have school on top of that! They told me, “I have no time to exercise!” until they got started!


Then they told me that they didn’t have time not to exercise because of all the time exercise creates!!


The second thing that prevent you from changing your body


The average American spends $3-4 per day on junk food, soda, coffee, fast food, and other things that tear down their health!

Why is it so hard for us to spend less than half that amount on building up our health?

Nobody changes their financial situation for the worse by changing their body. As a matter of fact, most people end up saving money due to all the unaccountable spending they eliminate due to their new, healthy, lifestyle!!

The third thing that prevents you from changing your body


(Beware, the following list of excuses may be contagious. If you catch one or have any symptoms of excuse-itis, please contact me immediately!)

“I’ll get started ‘tomorrow, I’ll start working with a trainer when the kids start school, I’ll get started when work lightens up, I’ll get started when I’m not so busy, I’ll get started when the holidays are over, I’ll get started after the summer, before the spring, during winter, or maybe in the fall but not right now!”

Procrastination and excuses are every exerciser’s obstacle. The only procrastination killer available is called commitment!  Fresh doses of commitment are available for free!!  Just put your mind to exercise and do it without saying any variation of the silly excuses above.

Commitment destroys procrastination once it arrives!


Make a commitment and remember that you can’t wait for every traffic light to be on green to get started!!



I hope you have found this article useful and if you are ready to make a change in your  body, a change in your life and  looking for the answer  to losing weight, losing fat and totally transforming  your body, you will definitely want to check out my new book;  “Absession…America’s Guide to Ultimate 6 pack Abs”

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