12 Weeks to 6 pack abs

In only 90 days, I’ve had clients lose well over 21 pounds simply by following a simple nutrition program and using my short, burst workout programs. If you’re interested in copying that success, and embarking on a 12 Week Fat Loss Plan, then just follow these simple tips and you’ll lose inches with each passing week in 2014.

First, if you want 6 pack abs, you need to tackle your nutrition. Without a doubt, what you eat has the greatest impact on your fat loss success. In as little as 10 seconds, you can overeat hundreds of calories and wipe out the benefits of even the greatest workout. So stick to these 3 rules at all times.

1) Don’t eat any foods with added sugar or that come in a bag or a box. This will help you avoid high-calorie processed carbohydrates.

Its not so much that carbohydrates are evil, its just that you want to avoid sugar and processed carbohydrates.

Focus on eating foods that contain fiber along with carbohydrates, such as apples and other fruits, oatmeal and other fiber-rich grains, and all different types of vegetables.

2) Avoid all liquid calories. This tip alone can result in almost overnight fat loss, and often adds up to over 10 pounds of weight loss.

So no more sodas, juices, energy drinks, Frappacinos, or other calorie-added beverages. Avoid mixed drinks because this can double your calorie intake.

3) Fill up on fiber rich foods at every meal. From oatmeal in the morning, to almonds between meals, and fruits and vegetables at lunch and dinner, you’ll control your appetite by increasing your fiber intake.

Eat foods that go straight from the garden to your plate. You can also eat nuts, another great whole, natural food that gets a bad rap. Eat 1 ounce of almonds, walnuts or pecans everyday to help curb your appetite. Each half an ounce in the morning and half an ounce in the afternoon for snacks.

While nutrition is the key to fat loss, you can’t maximize your fat burning without doing some type of exercise. The most important factor here is consistency, so choose something you like. When you are ready for advanced workouts, take these tips into account.

1) Do three 20-minute total body strength training workouts per week. Have a trainer show you how to do squats, pushups, rowing exercises, and other multi-muscle exercises that allow you to train lots of muscle groups in a short amount of time.

For more exercises, take a look at the Absession workouts, these workouts will put you well on your way to 6 pack abs. You will learn how to do supersets and get the workouts done fast!

2) Do three cardio sessions per week alternating between long duration low intensity, short duration high intensity and intervals.  By alternating duration and intensity used, you force your body to continually call upon fat stores for energy and you will use more calories from fat stores both during and after the workout.

3) Stay active with fun, relaxing activities on your four “non-workout” days. Have fun with your kids, do yoga, walk the dog, or play sports.

You don’t need to be in the gym everyday to get results. Make this plan your new lifestyle and you’ll be over 10 pounds Absessionlighter in 90 days.  You can find more information on Absession here 


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