Your Fat Loss Solution

Your Fat Loss Solution

Who else works out and yet doesn’t see their body making any REAL changes?

More people than the number that make amazing transformations, I’m sure.

One overlooked, yet critical piece of the equation is your nutrition.  There used to be a computer programming saying from back in the day; “Garbage In = Garbage Out” (GIGO.) In the fitness sense, if you put garbage inside your body, your body will look like garbage on the outside.

Would you put the cheapest, lowest grade gas in the finest Italian sports car? Absolutely NOT! Let’s put some better fuel in our bodies.

Start eating more fruits and vegetables, Matter of fact, start shopping only on the perimeter of the grocery store.

I don’t expect this to be some great epiphany and you turn vegetarian overnight. Remember the key to a sound nutritional program is it has to be sustainable.  Make small strides so you can implement them into your daily routine and make them become a “Way of Life.”

Fibrous, Cruciferous Veggies have a high level of satiety, keep an even flow of glucose in the blood and even help burn body fat.

Begin by eating a good breakfast each morning. Your breakfast should include; Complex Carbs (like oatmeal,) a complete protein (like eggs or peanut butter,) and some healthy fats (olive, flaxseed oils.)

Halfway between breakfast and lunch have a protein shake or a snack (I said snack, not a full blown meal.)

Lunchtime enjoy another round of protein, complex carbs and some fruit / vegetables.

Between lunch and dinner enjoy another protein shake or snack

Dinner needs to be a sensible portion controlled size of protein, slow digesting starchy carb, and a fiber based vegetable.

If needed, enjoy a protein shake with some frozen berries before bed.

The fountain of youth is there for the taking. It exists in your local grocery store (in the perimeter.)  It’s never too late to change your body and ultimately change your life – Forever!

These were some broad strokes, to find out exactly what, when and how much to eat in order to totally transform your body and expose your very own set of 6 pack Abs;

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Fit for Faith is dedicated to educating, motivating and empowering you to  become a better steward of the body God has entrusted to you. Fit for Faith Ministries conducts weight loss, fat loss seminars, conducts body transformation programs, and holds bootcamps throughout the US. Fit for Faith is Building a Stronger Body of Believers.



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