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I decided to write the top ten exercises for revealing your long sought after lean, trim waistline and rock hard abs.  After reading them you will notice two things:

a) there are no conventional or ab specific exercises on the list, and

b) every motion is a compound movement and often times including two exercises into one.

1.  Cardio – you cannot reveal any abs with mounds of flab covering them. 3 sessions a week of alternating levels of intensity should do the trick.  One day go long duration / low intensity, next time go short duration / high intensity the last session use intervals for moderate duration.
2.  Deadlifts—the king of all exercises.  This exercise uses the most overall muscle; hence it depletes the greatest amount of energy stores.  This exercise works; calves, hamstrings, glutes, low back, abs, traps, shoulders, forearms and the most important muscle – the heart.
3.  Squats- another exercise that allows you to work a lot of muscle while at the same time working the heart itself by continually changing planes with the body – a must have in any exercise program.  The abs must remain engaged throughout this exercise do to the placement of the bar and the pull of gravity upon your body.
4.  Pull-ups—this exercise is far superior to that of lat pull downs (even though bio-mechanically they are the same), because the pull-up uses more overall musculature.  Don’t be fooled and use those assisted gravitron type machines, these minimize the synergistic or stabilizer muscles. Get someone to help you by holding your feet and use them as your pivot point.  Try doing a set of 10 pullups (if you can get that many,) and feel how sore your abs are the next day. It feel like you performed 10,000 crunches.
5.  Kettlebell clean and presses—Even though these are done unilaterally (meaning one side at a time), by doing these they work a considerable amount of muscle.  In addition to all the skeletal muscle, they also work the heart muscle due to the up and down nature of the exercise.  Once again, the more overall muscle that is being worked, the more the abs are engaged and the more muscle glycogen is depleted.
6.  Incline barbell presses—Most people would say the flat bench; however I opt for the incline barbell chest press.  Reason being if you do this motion first in your chest / upper body workout, eventually you will be able to handle the same or about the same amount of weight as on the flat bench.  Most people do not have an overdeveloped upper third of their pectoralis major (chest) and this move enables you to build the upper third of your chest to match the lower two thirds.
7.  Military presses with barbell—this exercise hits the deltoids, traps and triceps it allows the exerciser to use a heavier weight than just dumbbells and really builds that upper body strength.  For more muscle used, try the standing version.  To engage even more ab muscle, add a squat press into the movement.
8.  Lunges—performed with a set of dumbbells.  Make these traveling.  As you move across the floor, these work all muscles of the lower body and your abs, traps and low back.  Perform these in an alternating style.  Do not rest and bring legs together but rather make it a continuous rhythmic motion by stepping through and right into the next lunge.
9.  Sumo Deadlifts into an upright row—this exercise can be performed with a Kettlebell, a barbell, or an ez curl bar.  By rotating the femur bone outwards and pointing your toes at a 45 degree angle you hit not only your calves, hamstrings, glutes and quads, but also you hit your hip abductor and adductor muscles for the lower body and by including the upright row as you stand, you engage your traps, abs and the medial head of your deltoid.  Once again by the continual up and down motion while under load you also tax the heart muscle.
10.  Monkey squats with a plyometric component—this exercise is performed with dumbbells.  With the dumbbells in hands and hanging at your sides feet hip width apart, perform a squat.  As you stand back up you will not only pull the dumbbells upward along the outside of your body (like a fireman pulling up his pants), but you will also jump upwards.  As you start to descend from your jump go into the next repetition.  This exercise works all the muscles of the lower body, traps, deltoids, abs, low back and heart muscle.  By putting the plyometric component of jumping and continually going into the next rep you get the benefits of quickly lengthening and shortening the muscle again and again which leads to greater muscle growth and explosive power.
Well there you have it, my top ten exercises for revealing those long sought after rock hard abs and lean tone mid-section. These exercises are heavy on compound movements, and multiple muscle groups / body parts being used.  Remember the more overall muscle that is being used the better it is for changing our bodies and ultimately changing our lives.
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