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six pack abs Absession Scott HaywarddIf you thought “Absession…America’s Guide to Ultimate 6 pack Abs” would provide you with the ultimate in weight loss, fat loss –and six pack Ab revealing programs, then you were right–however, the Free Bonus Gifts; the Absession Nutritional Guide, the Absession instructional exercise videos, and the free month of online training will not only push you to the edge, it will push you right over it!

Absession is for those exercise fanatics who want more fat loss, more weight loss and more of a rock hard six pack than they have ever known before.

Absession is for those people that really want to achieve Total Body Transformation and ultimately, a Total Life Transformation.

The Absession Training Mega Package is for those people that are ready for a change.

The Absession Training Mega Package by Scott Hayward is not only designed for an awesome set of six pack Abs, but delivers a full body transformation.

In 12 weeks, Absession will take you to the level that most programs get in one year.

Absession and its patent pending Applied Body Science System (ABS) lays out the framework and provides a Blueprint for your weight loss, fat loss, and six pack Ab revealing success.

Absession is effective and efficient, so you don’t spend countless hours at the gym, just 3 days a week in the gym or even in your own home.

What you do need is perseverance, because The Absession Training Mega Package is going to push you to your limits, both physically and mentally.

Absession is most likely the hardest workout ever released to the public. The payoff:  if you can stick with it for 12 weeks, you will end up with Your Best Body Ever!!

The Absession Training Mega Package is not for everybody. The Absession Training Mega Package is not for a person who is looking for a pill, potion, magical elixir or other get fit quick scheme and it’s not for a person that doesn’t want to be pushed. The Absession Training Mega Package is for the mentally strong person that wants to become physically strong.

Absession Resistance Training Workouts:

Absession gives you the most effective exercises that are placed in a specific order to make your workouts more efficient than ever before.
Absession Cardio Training Workouts:


Absession not only describes how the body responds to specific duration and intensity during cardio, but Absession lays out exactly which Frequency Intensity Time and Type (FITT) to use for all your cardio sessions.


Absession Nutritional Guide and Recipe Book:


fit couple 2The Absession Nutritional Guide and Recipe Book gives you everything you need to know to make the smartest food choices. The Absession Nutritional Guide and Recipe Book breaks down the importance of all macronutrients, the glycemic index and how to manipulate it in order to achieve your hardest and best body ever. The recipe book gives you over 200 hundred recipes to fuel your body and turn your body into a fat blasting furnace.

Absession Six Pack Abstruction Zone:


Although the Key to Great Six Pack Abs is the perfect combination of: Resistance Training, Cardiovascular Training, and a Sound Nutritional Program, Absession realizes that Ab workouts are important also. That’s why Absession included a group of hardcore Abdominal Exercises which have been packaged together into the Absession Abstruction Zone.

Why Does The Absession Training Program Work?

Answer: Absession’s Applied Body Science Systems (ABS)

Absession pushes you beyond what you thought was possible with explosive Resistance Training, Cardio and Plyometric Programs.


When followed, the Absession Training Program techniques will get you amazing results in just 12 Weeks.

The Absession Training Program elicits an insane response from your body by taxing your body’s metabolic pathways. Absession moves your body from a state of homeostasis into a state of Metabolic Overload. When moving into the Metabolic Overload Zone, you benefit not only from the energy expended during the workout, but for countless hours afterward.
Absession focuses on big muscles using multi-joint compound exercises. The Absession Training Program uses fast-twitch, intermediate and slow twitch muscle fibers.  This multi fiber approach is what leads to the Metabolic Overload Zone.
Absession pushes you farther than you have ever pushed your body before. Absession pushes you past limits you never thought you would exceed.


As a result, you’ll experience:

  • More Weight Loss
  • Greater Fat Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • And an Ultimate Set of Six Pack Abs

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