Ten Commandments of Fat Loss

1.        Thou Shall Drink More Water

Water is the metabolic medium, by which all functions occur in the body; (i.e. Muscle contraction, fat metabolism, cell rejuvenation, eyesight and even hearing.)


2.        Thou Shall NOT Eliminate Any One Macronutrient From Your Nutritional Program

Don’t fall prey into the protein only type of diets (Carbs are essential to drive nutrients into cells, they just need to be the RIGHT type of Carbs)


3.       Thou Shall Perform Resistance Training

Resistance training acts to strengthen muscle, increases bone density, increases strength of tendons and ligaments and decreases muscle energy stores (which is vital for fat loss.)


4.         Thou Shall Vary Intensity, Time, and Type of Cardio

The body works very efficiently and effectively and will adapt rather quickly if you expose your body to the same duration, intensity and type of cardio activity by expending less calories to perform the same amount of work.


5.        Thou Shall Focus on Compound Movements Which Focus on big Muscle Groups While Lifting

Big Muscles = Big Engine Blocks = More Overall Energy Depletion


6.        Thou Shall Limit Alcohol Consumption

The body views alcohol as a toxin and will halt any fat metabolism until it metabolizes and rids the body of any toxins first.


7.        Thou Shall Eat Frequently Throughout the Day

The body views prolonged periods of time without food as a famine.  The best way to lose fat is to continually stoke the metabolic furnace by feeding the machine.


8.       Thou Shall Not Search For  A Magic Pill or Elixir (because they don’t exist)

Actually the magic pill does exist, it is called exercise


9.         Thou Shall Plan Thy Meals

Failing to plan your meals ahead of time is a sure fire way to make quick (and often) poor nutritional choices


10.    Thou Shall Pray and Ask God for Strength, Guidance and Resolve to See it Through

The Bible tells us; “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and its righteousness and all other things will be added unto you.” (Mathew 6:33)  God will give you the courage and resolve to see it through if you ask for his guidance and assistance.




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