six pack abs

6 Tips for Ultimate 6 pack Abs

Do you think doing endless crunches is the fastest way to get great abs? Guess again!
The only way to get a visible six-pack… more »


Your Guide to Health and Fitness

Your family is every important, and so are each family member’s health and fitness. That is probably why a lot of individuals are… more »

holiday bulge

25 Tips to Fight the Battle of the Holiday Bulge

25 Tips to avoid the Holiday Bulge
1. Start your day strong and healthy – not with garbage cereal or a sugar filled coffee… more »


Three things that prevent you from changing your body

When I sat down this morning to send out a message I thought about all the great people that I have  had the… more »


Fitness Motivation Tips

Fat Loss, Weight Loss, Body Transformation and Life Transformation is as much about staying motivated as it is; the gym, your trainer, or… more »

motivation | Fit for Faith

Motivation You Need for Fat Loss

Fit for Faith Ministries is aware that this time of year is both a happy one and also a stressful one. It is… more »


Motivation to Exercise | Fit for Faith Ministries

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Keeping Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight Long After January 1st

Keeping Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight
It is almost that time of year; No, I am not talking about the holiday season, but moreso… more »

motivation | Fit for Faith

How to Achieve Your Fitness Goal

2013 is ¾’s over, and I am sure that over half (if not more) of fitness resolution seekers from January 1st have dropped… more »

Pride Goeth Before the Fall

Pride Goeth Before the Fall, Both In and Out of the Gym

Pride Goeth Before the Fall, Both In and Out of the Gym
I cannot count just how many times I see men lifting a… more »