Absession is Released and Available for Christmas

Fit for Faith Ministries is happy to announce the release of Scott Hayward’s new book Absession. Absession is now available at and… more »


Adidas Special Discounts – Fit for Faith Ministries

Adidas has done it again! Adidas is offering insane, out of this world discounts for its techfit and its adidas shoes. Adidas is… more »

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Reebok Runs HUGE Sale – Fit for Faith Ministries

In Our continuing attempt to bring our loyal readers and family fitness values, Fit for Faith Ministry is passing along the latest sale… more »

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Adidas Product Review and Special

I just wanted to pass along this product review and some specials from Adidas. I am constantly in my Adidas Warm Up and… more »

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Adidas Special


Until tomorrow, October 18, adidas is offering Free Shipping on the entire mi adidas line when you customize any of their products. mi… more »

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is national breast cancer awareness month! Reebok is a proud supporter of the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer and will donate a… more »

Can You Work Out at Home and What Home Gym Equipment Should You Buy

I thought today I would write about the use of home gym equipment. I know this is a little bit different from my… more »

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Reebok’s Custom Nano Speed Shoes

I have to tell you, with the weather growing cooler and the sun setting earlier and earlier, I had to find a way… more »


Fitness Product Review – Adidas Fleece Pullovers and Pants

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