Church Seminars


There are many fine ministries all over the country that assist your congregation in everything from financial management to building more successful relationships. However, one thing that is often  overlooked is how we honor God by honoring our bodies and becoming better stewards of the body that God has entrusted to us.

God has called Fit for Faith Ministry into existence, to achieve this purpose: “To Transform Bodies and Transform Lives.” Fit for Faith Ministry is dedicated to making each individual believer a living example of God’s amazing handiwork while creating a more effective and powerful witness for accepting Jesus Christ.

Where can this happen? Right in your church, we will partner with you and your congregation to experience not only a transformation in body, but a transformation in spirit.

Not only is this an incredible way to cherish the gift that each of us has been given by God, but this is an incredible way for your congregation to grow in numbers. What better way for your parishioners to practice witnessing to unbelievers than to invite a friend to come to your church to take part in a total body transformation seminar and be enrolled free of charge for personal training.

We have a passion to spread the gospel and serve local pastors and their congregations. Society is facing an epidemic of obesity. A decaying of the body, but more importantly a decaying of the spirit. It is vital to not only build our physical body but our spiritual body as well.



In Christ and Fitness,


Scott and Jennifer Hayward