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7 Tips to Blast Away Fat Stores for Life

1. Exercise 1 hour a day: I hate it when I hear; “I don’t have the time,” you make the time! Combine 30… more »

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Keeping a Healthy Grocery List

There is one often overlooked tool in the war on fat loss, weight loss, and body transformation. If you guessed the treadmill, elliptical,… more »

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3 Top Tips For Getting Started With Weight Lifting In The New Year

January is right around the corner and  you are probably starting to finalize your New Year’s resolutions.  Perhaps you want to lose some… more »

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4 Simple Ways to Eat Clean | Fit for Faith

Fit for Faith Ministries is dedicated to giving you all the tools to become a better steward of the body that God has… more »

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How to Read Food Labels | Fit for Faith

You cannot measure every morsel that passes your lips, but it is a good idea to measure most foods and beverages until you… more »

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Healthy Apple Blueberry Cobbler Recipe | Fit for Faith

This recipe for healthy apple blueberry cobbler will be a favorite this Thanksgiving. Try it out and let us know what you think.… more »

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How to Stop Emotional Eating | Fit for Faith

The holidays are here and there are plenty of opportunities for emotional eating. Be it emotional eating from happy or sorrow, its result… more »

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Why is White Bread So Addicting?

With the holidays coming up, there will be plenty of opportunities to have a sandwich the next day with the leftover turkey, ham… more »

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Diet Fitness; What is it and is Diet Fitness for you?

No macronutrient group has been more maligned and more villifed than carbohydrates or carbs for short. Carbs have 4 calories per gram much… more »

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The One Piece of Equipment that is Vital for Fat Loss – The Kettlebell

I am constantly being approached by people and being asked; “What about kettlebells?” My answer is always the same; “Kettlebells definitely have a… more »