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Quick but Effective Exercises

Most people think that for a workout to be successful, it has to be lengthy and tiresome. People often struggle to spend two… more »

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4 Simple Ways to Eat Clean | Fit for Faith

Fit for Faith Ministries is dedicated to giving you all the tools to become a better steward of the body that God has… more »

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Weight Lifting and What Every Beginner Should Know | Fit for Faith

Here are a few things that beginners should know about weight lifting.
First you put good strain on your joints as well as your… more »

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Branched Chain Amino Acids…Are they important to your fat loss goals??

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAAs) is a term used to refer to three amino acids that are grouped together due to having branched… more »

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Lose Weight with a Meal Plan

Lose weight with a meal plan
If you are truly dedicated to losing weight, you have to take everything aspect into consideration, like exercise,… more »

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Tips for Healthy Holiday Eating

The time from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day has to be the hardest few weeks to stick to a healthy eating lifestyle or… more »

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15 Holiday Weight Loss Tips | Fit for Faith Christian Fitness Ministries

15 Easy Holiday Weight Loss Tips
I wanted to continue my assault on the holiday 5, 10 or 15 pounds most people put on… more »

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Fat Burners Supplement Breakdown – Fit for Faith Ministries

Fat Burner Supplements Under the Microscope
Everywhere you look nowadays you see commercials and ads for fat burners. These fat burner supplements promise to get… more »

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Holiday Nutrition Tips – Fit for Faith Christian Fitness Ministries

Holiday Nutrition Tips
I’m not sure if you have noticed it yet, but Christmas decorations are already up and Christmas music has already invaded… more »

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Fall Favorite Nutrition Facts

WATCH OUT FOR THOSE SNEAKY FALL FAVORITES!! So here are some Fall Favorite Facts to enable you to make well-informed decisions about your… more »